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Installation of X_PLOR 3.851

Omar G. Stradella omar at boston.sgi.com
Mon Dec 2 12:03:39 EST 1996

> Hello,
> I wish to install X-plor 3.851 on an Indigo2 Impact running Irix 6.2
> Is there a sgitime.s for an R10000 chip?

You can use sgitime_r8000.s. The differences between sgitime.s and
are due to the 32 vs. 64 bits issues and not to differences in the
chips. In
summary, use sgitime.s for all 32 bit compilations and sgitime_r8000.s
for all
64 bit compilations.

> If I try to compile on-line, following the Oread.me,
> I get the error
> ld: WARNING 85:definition of lnblnk_ in prexplor.o preempts
> that definition in /usr/lib/libftn.so

This is normal, don't worry about it.

> Thanks
> J. Rossjohn


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