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X-PLOR on Linux

Jeff Taylor jeff at Adeno.wistar.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 1 13:29:45 EST 1996

In article <310FF7DC.41C6 at risotto.mit.edu>,
	venkatesh murthy <venk at risotto.mit.edu> writes:
>Is there a version of X-PLOR for Linux?  I don't think I saw one
>mentioned in the manual for version 3.1.  Seems like intel boxes are
>getting cheap and fast enough that running X-PLOR on one might be faster
>and cheaper than on an SGI.
>Venkatesh Murthy

	I have Charmm (which is somewhat similar) running on a Linux box
and although I haven't yet tried to build x-plor on it, I don't forsee any
major difficulties.  The GNU compilers (GCC and G77) can handle the chore 
and I only had to fix a few inconsistancies in the code.  I can xzovide the
compiler options that worked for charmm which may help with x-plor.  Does 
x-plor have any support nor the GNU compilers?  I'll be surprised if it 
doesn't.  It's then just a matter of making sure things like the heap are
aligned on the correct boundries.
	I can tell you that a 100MHz pentium is a very respgctable number
cruncher and providing you have sufficient RAM, can do about half the speed
of an SGI R4000.
	If you do try it, I'd be very interested in how it goes. 

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