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looking for DNA sequence data

Liming Ren ren at compumedia.com
Tue Feb 6 18:37:50 EST 1996

Hi everyone,

I need your help.
Recently I have being writing a paper about a new phylogeny reconstruction
using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation technique. I want to demonstrade
the algorithm using some real molecular DNA sequences. As you know, there
exist many phylogeny reconstruction methods. This phylogeny
reconstruction is different from all other methods because it not only gives
an estimate of true phylogeny but also gives the variability of the 
estimate without using Bootstrap. This algorithm also gives estimate
of mutation rate if it is unknown. The phylogenies are created in rooted

Researching among papers in phylogeny literature, I found that some examples
would serve my purpposes. e.g. the five insect taxa (Peleoptera, Orthoptera,
Hemiptera, Diptera, and Coleoptera) used in Ward Wheeler's "Congruence
Among Data Sets: A Bayesian Approach" in Phylogenetic Analysis of DNA
Sequences by Michael Miyamoto and Joel Cracraft and in Wheeler's another
paper "Combinatorial weights in phylogenetic analysis: a statistical
parsimony procedure" Cladistics 6 (1990); pp269-275. My problem is that
I do not know where to find that data set. I do not know Dr. Wheeler's
address. Does anyone know where I can find this data set? Or you will
recommend another moderate number of DNA sequences. Among those sequences
I need to have an outgroup to all other sequences. If you know that mutation
rate among those sequences is relatively constant, it will be better
because in my model I assume mutation rate is constant. I have not tested
how robustness my algorithm is when its assumptions are violated.  
In future I hope that I can relax this assumption. I will appreciate
your help very much.

Please response this pose to li at stat.mps.ohio-state.edu. Many thanks!


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