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Starting: Wed Jan 3 05:00:36 EST 1996
Ending: Wed Jan 31 18:14:36 EST 1996
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  1. BIOSCI miniFAQ, ver. 14-DEC-95   BIOSCI Administrator
  2. HBON problem   luc moulinier
  3. HBON problem   ZAHAF Toufik
  4. redirecting output of X-PLOR   Kay Diederichs
  5. mathmatica   HSIOU at OCELOT.RUTGERS.EDU
  6. methods   m10117 at NDMC1.NDMCTSGH.EDU.TW
  7. CCP4 -> XPLOR map   D Waller
  8. powell with soft repel crashes, why ?   Miriam Hasson
  9. two-fold symm   Jason Rife
  10. Strange behavior of CONStraints statement   Ajay Royyuru
  11. NCS restraints   Lionel Mourey
  12. NCS restraints   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  13. Lennard-Jones parameters for heme   Heidi Heiskanen O_GOLD
  14. CHARMM parameters for Aib and Iva residues   Isabelle Segalas
  15. weighting   Paul Emsley
  16. CHARMM parameters for Aib and Iva residues   Isabelle Segalas
  17. Definition impropers x-plor vs charmm   Willem Paul van Hoorn
  18. Protein model rebuilding tutorial (using O) available   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  19. Random.inp   Gu Peihua
  20. xplor MD trajectories -> BIOSYM   Lukasz Salwinski
  21. xplor MD trajectories -> BIOSYM   Lukasz Salwinski
  22. Random.inp   Gu Peihua
  23. xplor MD trajectories -> BIOSYM   Pellequer Jean-Luc
  24. Random.inp   Jiang Jiansheng
  25. rigid body dynamics errors   Lukasz Salwinski
  26. Memory Question   Todd Charles Wood
  27. (none)   C Squire
  28. dynamics disaster   Carolyn A. Kanagy
  29. X-plor on DEC Alpha   William R. Pearson
  30. atom-based charges   Paul Ramsland
  31. X-plor on DEC Alpha   luc moulinier
  32. NMR/computing post-doc position vacant (Cambridge, UK)   Andrew Raine
  33. Se-Methionine   Lothar Esser
  34. Weighting Schemes for Cryst. Refinement   G. David Smith
  35. new par. and top. files for nucleic acids   Brian Wimberly
  36. X-PLOR on POWER Challenge XL ???   Petr Padrta
  37. Refinement of P43212 DNA   C Squire
  38. Post-doctoral fellow, Karolinska Institute   Ylva Lindqvist
  39. top and param files   karen at RSC3.ANU.EDU.AU
  40. X-PLOR on Linux   venkatesh murthy

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