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Starting: Wed Jul 3 14:58:12 EST 1996
Ending: Wed Jul 31 20:54:55 EST 1996
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  1. Bioinformatics<-->Structure   Jiansheng Jiang
  2. b-factor refinement   Matthew Pugmire
  3. b-factor refinement   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  4. Syntax for Conditional statements?   Chris Sheldahl
  5. pxz ring   Yuan yue
  6. rigid body minimization   Mona Abu-Abed
  7. (none)   Hector Viadiu
  8. new xplor user HELP   A Rashid
  9. Positions   Manfred Weiss
  10. Generating EM projection map in X-PLOR   Hu Xiche
  11. rigid body dynamics   Matthew Pugmire
  12. Generating EM projection map in X-PLOR   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  13. Bill Hamiltons story   A Rashid
  14. HG parameters   A Rashid
  15. SGI IRIX 5.3 or 6.2 best for xtallography software?   malhota
  16. Fab elbow angle   m. banfield
  17. Anisotropic B-factor refinement.   Hector Viadiu
  18. Molecular Modelling   Vikas Shah
  19. chemical shift based refinement   Kristy Downing
  20. CS based structure refinement   Greg Warren
  21. Helix-Helix angles   Steven Weigand
  22. Eigenvalues   Michael Nilges
  23. Eigenvalues   guy lippens
  24. expanding r-free   F.E.Dodd
  25. [Fwd: Re: expanding r-free]   Jiangsheng Jiang
  26. rigid body dynamics   Matthew Pugmire
  27. proline problems in parallhdg.pro   Jane Caldwell
  28. expanding r-free   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  29. residual density   Nick Blom
  30. residual density   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  31. residual density   Dave Schuller
  32. Dihedral Angle restraint   Yu4Zhu4Zhang1
  33. proline problems in parallhdg.pro   Michael Nilges
  34. heme param and topol files   Brian Volkman
  35. Inversion of ribose C3'   Christoph Steinbeck
  36. Help concerning ST2MAX   Christoph Steinbeck
  37. Help concerning ST2MAX   Christoph Steinbeck
  38. Help concerning ST2MAX   Pellequer Jean-Luc
  39. Q:check.problem   Naoko Katayama
  40. Q2: check problem   Naoko Katayama
  41. linear angle problems   A Rashid

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