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The PDB is pleased to announce the release of AutoDep Version 1.0.
AutoDep Version 1.0 is a World Wide Web-based graphical interface to the
deposition form which leads the author through the entire submission process.

The PDB also announces release of the new Electronic Deposition Form V. 3.30
which must be used for submitting structures to the PDB if AutoDep cannot be
used.  However, we strongly encourage authors to use AutoDep, as it greatly
simplifies the submission process and also helps avoid many potential errors
before submission.

AutoDep may be accessed at from the PDB Web site (http://www.pdb.bnl.gov)
by clicking on the page entitled "Submitting Data to the PDB" and then clicking
on "AutoDep - PDB's New Web-based Submission Tool".  The new Electronic Dep
Form and the Submission Policy are also accessed from this Web page.

AutoDep's most important features include the following:

* It preserves data security and confidentiality through use of a password

* AutoDep may be initially populated from an existing PDB entry or a
previous deposition.

* Program output files may be merged into AutoDep.  For example, the new
releases of X-PLOR and SHELXL write refinement details in a format which
can be read by the program and used to populate the relevant sections.

* Help files, examples, and links to related documentation and useful
URLs are provided in every section.

* You may interrupt your AutoDep session at any time and return to it
later in the day (or even days or weeks later) by restarting it with your
session id number and password.

* The SUBMIT button provided initiates the following:

        * the coordinates are passed through a syntax checker
        * if they fail, you are asked to correct the problem and resubmit
        the coordinates
        * if they pass, you are immediately sent an acknowledgement letter
        containing your PDB ID code
        * your entry enters the PDB processing flow

Improvements to AutoDep will be made on a continuing basis.  We gladly welcome
your comments and suggestions.

Questions on using AutoDep or the new Deposition Form should be sent to the PDB
Help Desk at pdbhelp at pdb.pdb.bnl.gov.


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