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Starting: Mon Jun 2 16:52:19 EST 1997
Ending: Mon Jun 30 19:44:21 EST 1997
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  1. Minimum System Requirements (PC)   Rasmus Storjohann
  2. BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser   BIOSCI Administrator
  3. Xplor 3.851 and Linux   Brian Marsden
  4. [Q] xrefine do question (map)   Clemens Vonrhein
  5. X-PLOR on pc   Michael Nilges
  6. Mailing list: MACScience DIP users   Matt Harrington
  7. Water shells in dynamics runs   John Parkinson ECPT
  8. partial charges for Zn(Cys)4   Jack Tanner
  9. planarity   Previn Dutt
  10. LINUX/ processors??   roberts at arizona.edu
  11. non-ncs features in a mostly strict ncs structure   Bob Grant
  12. Xplor on Pc   Hanyi
  13. Restart while runing torsion-angle MD   Zhi Chen
  14. Restart while runing torsion-angle MD   Yoram Puius
  15. refining part of a structure   Bob Grant
  16. postdoctoral position   Schreuder, Herman, HMR/DE
  17. sound recorder program   Shapour SADEGHI
  18. Postdoctoral positions at BRI   Yi Zhu
  19. problem using @TOPPAR:charmm22/toph22.pep   Dr.Z.P. Han
  20. Suggested modification to X-PLOR BB   Aaron Oakley
  21. Suggested modification to X-PLOR BB   Miri Hirshberg
  22. Suggested modification to X-PLOR BB   Shri Jain
  23. rotation matrices   Tommi Kajander O_GOLD
  24. Molecular bondage with a difference   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  25. Need a parallel Xplor (message passing version)!!!   Erik Elmroth
  26. help me out   Zhi Chen
  27. Do you need HELP with Hardware Software?   Chuck Nelson
  28. Ca virtual torsion angles   John Kuszewski

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