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Bob Mc Athey bob.mcathey at dartnet.co.uk
Fri May 16 19:43:33 EST 1997

	Recall Systems - Catalogue 1997-'98

	An eye catching and moving display incorporating your product
	details. Attracts and informs customers whilst they are
	"just browsing".

	Models cash flows and balances for all types of projects, from
	complicated systems to simply keeping a check on your current bank

	Used in the trade of personal number plates. Produces data disks
	for distribution between traders. Automatic selection of cheapest
	owner when duplicate registrations are distributed. Keeps up to
	date records of all requirements.

	The computer plays four hands against yours (no cheating!) in this
	skillful and thought-provoking version based on the game of trumps.
	Keeps players' accounts and plays hard!

	Displays any telephone number you want to call at the stroke of a
	key! Uses dynamic filtering to narrow down the list to the one you
	want. Quick and efficient. Stores all your names, numbers and
	addresses for easy cross-reference and retrieval. Also - finds
	telephone area codes by entering place names, finds place names by
	entering area codes...etc! You'll wonder WHY you ever coped without
	it! An invaluable tool.

	Wipes out any directories or files on your diskette and
	automatically copies chosen directory of files to diskette from the
	hard drive. Repeats as often as required.

	Designed to drive a card embossing machine from data supplied on
	diskette or entered via keyboard.

	Universal program for busy sales people. Simply select the
	customers' items from category lists you design yourself and see
	them listed and priced with V.A.T. and totalled up instantly.
	Records all estimates for later retrieval. No more need for the
	calculator or pen and paper! Give your customers instant quotes
	for complicated orders! Sell quicker!

	Produces invoices for customers. Records invoices for later
	retrieval. Produces many reports - eg. best selling lines, customer
	spend, customer accounts, outstanding debts etc. Doubles as
	customer database. Reduces stationery costs - prints letterheads
	(change your details at a keystroke), envelopes, labels, With
	Compliments slips. Many options.

	Design labels to your own specification using any truetype font in
	any color or size. Uses drag & drop techniques and allows
	overlapping texts. Prints to adhesive labels supplied on A4 sheets.
	Any individual label on the A4 sheet can be selected for printing.
	Stores and retrieves finished designs for later use. Very versatile.

	Be a winner with our random number generator. Has won numerous
	tenners already. Checks winning lines for you. Will it be YOU ?

	The classic game in rich primary colours. Teaches children that
	computers can be fun. Plays a wicked strategy that can be addictive.
	For avid gamers 3 years & upwards.

	Logs maintenance operations when they occur and automatically sets
	a date for the next occasion in a diary according to your
	requirements. Produces varied reports that keeps maintenance up to

	An exercise in "computer intelligence". Allows you to have a
	"conversation" with your own personal "analyst". Often intriguing,
	irritating but amusing! Never answers a straight question. See who
	can confuse who most!

	Calculates VAT and gross profit from cost price, cost vat and
	retail price.

	Computer version of the old stocking filler. Sort the tiles into
	order after the computer has scrambled them. Encourages thinking
	ahead. Facility to import your own creations from Paintbrush or
	other .BMP files.

	Universal program for busy stores people. Design your own
	categories to mimic your own company's stores. Records current
	stocklevels, values, bin locations etc. and prints stock-taking
	lists as required. Calculates total stores value (not for the
	squeamish). Can help reduce stock overheads.

	General knowledge program for quiz addicts. Test yourself against
	some difficult and varied posers. Requires twenty correct answers
	to win!



	Each program runs fully functional for 28 days (free) for evaluation
	purposes. You only pay if you wish to use after this free period.


	Advertising Display	 13.22
	Cashflow		  6.04
	Cherished Numbers	192.18
	Contract Whist		  6.14		Note: Prices shown
	Dialcode		 13.64		      are per annum.
	Disk Maker		 13.39
	Emboss			262.50
	Estimate		130.08
	Invoice			 56.67
	Label Designer		 16.79
	Lottery			  2.10
	Ludo			  6.29
	Maintenance Log		 69.20
	Psycho Analyst		  5.62
	Retail			  9.19
	Slide Puzzle		  3.94
	Stocklevel		165.29
	Twenty Questions	  6.64
	Smile!			  0.00 (free)


	To obtain any of the above software, simply e-mail your selection to

			    bob.mcathey at dartnet.co.uk

		and we will e-mail them back to you FREE OF CHARGE.

	To obtain ALL the above software on disk (United Kingdom only), send
	£10.25 to cover P&P or alternatively £5.25 for any 10 selections on
		one disk.

				*	*	*

	RECALL Systems, P.O. Box 8, Hythe, Southampton, England SO45 6BP

			     Tel: +44 +01703 844966

				*	*	*

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