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Shipping of frozen crystals

Wed Nov 5 14:06:38 EST 1997

Hi Mischa:

We have shipped frozen crystals rather routinely to the various synchrotron
sources and here are some details that might help you.

1. We have always used FEDEX, due to problems dealing with other ways
of shipping.  One has to fill out a "dangerous goods airbill" and while
it may be expensive, it works.  

2. You can't take it in as carry-on (in our experience) and check-in as
regular luggage is fraught with a lot of problems.  

3.  We utilize "Taylor-Wharton" cryopack series cryogenic shippers (800-898-2657).
The distributors are Parsons Airgas (619-279-8200).  The shipper is 
~ $600 and the dewar (CP65) is ~ 250.

4. The shipper is quite sturdy and is designed to withstand even problem 
handling. We like it very much.

5. During the recent UPS strike our cryo-shipper was stuck in Memphis for 
over a week and by the time we received it over two weeks.  The samples
remained frozen and no problems were apparent as evidenced by the ability
of our crystals to diffract well.

6. The net weight of the shipper filled with liq. N2 is ~ 35 pounds.
The company recommends shipping the container without excess liq. N2
and this seems to work well.

7. No additional packing other than the one provided is necessary.
Make sure your labels are affixed properly.

9. Re: - canes/sticks for holding your vials with xtals in them; you
can try TBO Goblet Cane 15/32".  I tend to not include more than 
3 vials per cane but this is a personal choice.  Technically you could
stuff upto 16 or 17 canes comfortably in the cannister.

10.  Sometimes we have noticed that one or two crystals fall off the 
cryo loop, but, on most occassions this is not a problem.

My $0.02 worth.

C.S.Raman                    Tel: (714) 824-4322
University of California     Fax: (714) 824-3280
Dept. MB & B, SH530          email: craman at uci.edu
3205 Bio Sci II
Irvine, CA 92697-3900
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future.  The learned usually find themselves equipped to live
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