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PC Refinement

Jack Tanner chemjjt at SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU
Tue Nov 11 12:25:42 EST 1997

I would try doing both the rotation and translation in amore using single
subunits as the search models.

Jack Tanner

>Dear all,
>I am currently trying to solve a rotation search problem by Patterson
>Correlation refinement. I proceeded according to the tutorial examples
>and tutorial script files. My search model is a dimeric molecule. The
>hinge between the two domain is quite flexible and results in a great
>variety of possible angles. In order to optimize my search model, I
>input the rotation search solutions of the initial dimeric search model
>into PC-refinement by using the tutorial script and subsequently refined
>both domains independently by PC-refinement. Now I am wondering how I
>might get the coordinates of the individually refined domains out of the
>PC-refinement procedure to perform translations searches by using Amore.
>Thanks in advance and regards
>Daniel A. Bisig
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