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Stand alone CNS on NT server?

John Tomaszewski tomasz at protein.chem.washington.edu
Mon Oct 19 17:19:55 EST 1998

Hi CNS folks,
	We're just getting CNS set up here (and at home), trying to decide
if I need to install the Linux or NT port (or both), and have a couple
questions.  We started with the NT port (this is the preferred one) and
noticed that the variables that are supposed to get set through the .bat
file are not (ie. if I run the .bat and then cns.exe and type help at the
prompt it says the help library variable is not set).  Since the DOS
window that the .bat file runs in closes up immediately, are the variables
being unset as well?
	Second, I have an NT machine at home that is networked only
through a modem so I'd like to run all the CGI stuff locally on this
machine but I'm not familiar enough with the sed command to see what
exactly the Unix script for converting to a local WWW server is doing. 
Has anyone made this conversion?  (I have the MS Peer services running
already but I'm not sure this handles the CGI scripting adequately, is the
IBM Lotus or other server software necessary?). 
	Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


John T.

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