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54 Doggett Road

Yu Wai Chen ywc at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 21 04:17:12 EST 1998

Hi, Gor,

I've heard about the "Snoopy phenomenon" in HK.  Can't really comprehend
it although I was brought up in HK.  It is a "massive scale
time-killing" action.  I don't know how to describe these people without
using the offensive word "stupid".  Absolutely insane. How do you make
sense of this?  Is this a consequence of too many people unemployed in
bad economy?  I think it will be a very good research project for
psychology student.

54 Doggett Rd is for sale.  We had a look yesterday.  It is 3 bedroom,
like ours.  The master bedroom is smaller than ours but they have 2
average sized single bedrooms, unlike ours 2 of unequal sizes.  The
living/dining room is L-shaped, again smaller than ours.  They have a
G/F toilet in addition to the bathroom upstairs.  The condition is
fair.  It is not double-glazed and the windows are not in good
condition.  The wall paintings are OK.  The carpets are bad.  The
kitchen is good, smaller than ours but newly refurbished.  He said he
would like to sell at around 120K but he said he hasn't considered
seriously about the price yet.  I would say you need to spend 10K in
addition to redecourate it.  He promised to make some measurements and
give me some draft plans of the house and an approximate price.  He said
that if we buy privately, it will be cheaper than if he put it into the

Are you and Pa & Ma considering this?  Or would you like to buy new
houses only?  Please relay the details to Pa & Ma if you see them.


I am extremely busy recently trying to finish writing a small
communication (crystallography).  It will be my first paper together
with Max Perutz's name on it!  Almost done now.
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