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Data Storage Problem

Omar G. Stradella omar at boston.sgi.com
Mon Feb 22 15:17:23 EST 1999

Paul Hubbard wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Our lab recently collected data at Argonne synchrotron, and before leaving
> copied the image files to 8mm tape. However, our own 8mm tape drive is
> unable to read them.
> Both APS and our lab use SGI's, so I was not expecting any problems; but I
> keep getting the following error message with these particular tapes:
> tar: tape premature EOF
> Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any ideas on what I can do?
> FTPing is a possibility, but we have limited hard drive space, so only one
> data set can be sent at a time. The folks at APS may not appreciate this!
> Many Thanks
> Paul Hubbard (Graduate Student)

There could be many causes for this problem. Check that you are using
the same kind of tape device on the two machines. For example, if you
have a 8500 in one machine and a 8200 in the other, use the
/dev/rmt/tpsCdUv.8200 device (where C is the controller number and U is
the device number). Or if one tape drive supports compression and the
other not, don't use compression. You can also try to specify a block

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