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  1. http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/svenbakker/archive.html   A.C. Bakker
  2. Softwarez are waiting for you!   Sam
  3. Adv : make your computer fully y2k compliant   loskiee
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  6. BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser   BIOSCI Administrator
  7. Announce: VMD 1.4 beta 1   John Stone
  8. Huge Compensation Plan Available.   freevacation1 at BOOM.COM
  9. Post-Doctoral Position in Protein Crystallography   HGUO at MED-BIOPHD.BU.EDU
  10. Premium Cable Television.......Great Offer!   Fine Tuning
  11. UNSUSCRIBE   Leonardo R. Lareo
  12. PC refinement question   Yu Wai Chen
  13. ANNOUNCE: NAMD 2.1b2   Jim Phillips
  14. >>> Guaranteed Credit Card Approval for 1st 500 applicants <<<   E_Server at GENIUS.BRAIN.NET.PK
  16. unsubscribe   Kovari Zoltan
  17. CNS 0.9a on an SGI R8000   Jeff Taylor
  18. postdoctoral position   John W Blunt
  19. Confidential   403237.702 at COMPUSERVE.COM
  20. http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/svenbakker/archive.html   A.C. Bakker
  21. Active X with Source code for only USD $199   wunart at crosswinds.net
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  23. http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/svenbakker/archive.html   A.C. Bakker
  24. UNSUSCRIBE   Leonardo R. Lareo
  25. "Millions To Be Made From Courts- Private Eye Tells All!"   Hank
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  28. (none)   Pathak, Rajesh
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  30. studentship (fwd)   Tony Pemberton
  31. International Distribution   IBCS
  32. CNS: origin removal of Patterson for RF   Yu Wai Chen
  33. (none)   xray
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  37. CNS molecular replacement using NMR models   Yu Wai Chen
  38. Lots of softwarez - BEST OFFER and CHOICE !   NormanD
  39. ANNOUNCE: NAMD 2.1b3   Jim Phillips
  40. Watch out for the scams.   xxxx at NETNITCO.NET
  41. ==> > *D E A D L I N E* is this Sunday....   mnymkr at TELEKBIRD.COM.CN
  42. NREFLection pb in CNS 0.9a   Claudine Mayer
  43. NREFLection pb : bug in mtz_to_cns   Claudine Mayer
  44. Air Ticket Co. reduces Airline rates = savings   lrvcety
  45. Software that is ... SMART!!   smart at CONNECT.COM.AU
  46. CNS density modification abort error   Yu Wai Chen
  47. parameter and topology files   Robert D. Scavetta
  48. generating multiple CV data set with CNS   Yu Wai Chen
  49. parameter file energy constant and equilibrium values   Robert D. Scavetta
  50. University Degree   52jjety345104 at COMPUSERVE.COM
  51. Higher Education   wrejl09 at AOL.COM
  52. Àb«È±þ¤â---------¨¾¤îÀb«È¤J«I§Þ³N¥úºÐ<!!!!>   dfhk at ms31.url.com.tw
  53. THE RULES HAVE CHANGED!!   tofufoe97 at apollo.lv

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