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NCS averaged map

Mark A. White, Ph.D. white at bloch.utmb.edu
Tue Aug 22 10:06:20 EST 2000


The CNS script


includes a coeff (hkl,Fo,Fc,Phi) output which is of the NCS averaged
map, but it does not do iterative phase

I have written a little Jiffy to convert the coeff output from CNS
format into a XtalView phs file.  I have
turned off the
CNS map output in the script - the files it creates are HUGE!

The program is available, along with an example com file at

ftp://xray.utmb.edu/pub/PMB/ pmb_NCS2phs.I65
http://xray.utmb.edu/ under SOFTEWARE - DOWNLOADS

Good luck, please let me know if you find the program useful.


schitzo at nospam.rgiskard.bio.uci.edu wrote:

> We are trying to do phase extension on a structure with a lot
> of NCS symmetry (ie a virus). Looking over the example scripts
> in CNS we were unable to determine how to back calculate
> coefficients from an averaged map. Does anyone know if this is
> possible and how to do it?
> Thanks,
> Robert


Best Regards,


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