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  1. [ccp4bb]: Omit maps in Xtalview   Eleanor J. Dodson
  2. alternative conformations in CNS   Doreen Dobritzsch
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  6. Defining parameters for flexible rings in XPLOR   Wang
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  13. Hello Netfriend!   quick100
  14. help with cns   Ryan McKay
  15. help with cns   Michael Schmitz
  16. how to unsubscribe   Stefan Portmann
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  19. Making a map of protein-DNA complex   Chad C. Sines
  20. Most Responsive form of advertising   ems803 at lycos.com
  21. NCS averaged map   Mark A. White, Ph.D.
  22. negative B factors during refinement   Yu Wai Chen
  23. Omit maps in Xtalview   Paul Hubbard
  24. Partial Charge of Oxygen in a Methoxy Group   Xu Wang
  25. Phase extension in CNS?   schitzo at nospam.rgiskard.bio.uci.edu
  26. Pictures of Protein crystals   djamel medjahed
  27. resolution vs Rfree   manni shah
  28. resolution vs Rfree   Daniel Schlieper
  29. resolution vs Rfree   manni shah
  30. subscribe   Doug Ohlendorf
  31. subscribe   Bostjan Kobe
  32. subscribe   Jiasheng Diao
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  36. X-ray crystallography position open   STRICKLAND, COREY
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  38. ·Ó¹L¨Ó¡I·Ó¹L¨Ó¡I   show at ms4.hinet.net

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