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  1. CNS web interface   W. Tempel
  2. Fire the Boss and break the Alarm Clock!!!   zara12a at telenowa.de
  3. Advertisement of Positions   bcraft at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
  4. Targeted Lists at the lowest prices!   ems601 at mailcity.com
  5. ±M·~¦æ¾P¤u¨ã--»OÆW¤u°Ó¦W¿ý¥úºÐ¸ê®Æ®w+400¸Uµ§³Ì·s¦W³æ   tosft at ms58.url.com.tw
  6. FWD> 8,500,00 Web Site Owners Database!   skytop at wickedmail.com
  7. CNS - Batch Mode (background)   Nuno Ricardo Loureiro Ferreira
  8. Some problems with CNS   Atreya Hanudatta Sas
  9. $5.5M Could Be Yours!!   millitant_cash at yahoo.com
  10. FREE PhoneButton from VOCALCOMMERCE.com   sales at VOCALCOMMERCE.com
  11. Incredible Self-run e-Business   ebusiness at kki.net.pl
  12. Postdoctoral and staff scientist positions in structural biology available at the University of Missouri-Columbia   Jack Tanner
  13. Quick Cash Secret Banking System   Josh Nolan
  14. density_modify with real space averaging   Erica Ollmann Saphire
  15. Banned in 33 countries -- Can I legally sell this?   jamesk at CarolinaOffice.com
  16. subscribe   IBM
  17. Powerful Investigative Software!   3545545 at cnnic.com
  18. MY APOLOGIES x-plor Here is your info. -UMLO   jhorton at post.com
  19. Get a FREE Pentium 500 or better PC with a MERCHANT ACCOUNT!!!   loseweight at oceanfree.net
  20. Any Software   AV
  21. An Invitation   Terry J. Hallock
  22. topology & parameter   S.Datta
  23. topology & parameter   S. Ravichandran
  24. Free Samples!!! 100% Guaranteed Weight Loss!!!   loseweightnow at zybermail.com
  25. Postdoctoral Positions Available   CS Raman
  26. A couple of things   Savvas Savvides
  27. Announcing the BioMagResBank (BMRB) list server   Jurgen Doreleyers
  28. NETSCAPE LIMITED   Tristan J. Fiedler
  29. Postdoctoral Positions: Protein NMR   Sudha Veeraraghavan
  30. cross-rotation search with a placed domain   dipesh
  31. postdoc position   Paul Carr
  32. Announce: VMD 1.5 Released   John Stone

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