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Sun Oct 8 21:03:53 EST 2000


I don't know about you but, about a year ago, I was:
(a) a newbie to the Internet
(b) convinced that I should be jumping on the=20
    Internet bandwagon
(c) ignorant about where I should start, and
(d) desperate to earn some funds

Every day I surfed the net and joined newbie and=20
business newsgroups hoping to find something that=20
would let me earn money while I learnt to develop and=20
promote an Internet business.

Frankly, I didn't know where to start.  I scanned=20
endless sites and promotional emails that promised me=20
"immediate" and mega-sized internet earnings.  And I=20
purchased a three or four Internet marketing programs/
systems costing between $79 and $199 each. =20

Boy, was I disillusioned when I studied them! =20

What I received was page after page of "Internet Gurus"=20
patting each other on the back; trying to sell other=20
products which should have been part of the product in=20
the first place;  their cronies' products; pages filled=20
with irrelevant padding, or large areas of blank white=20
space bigger than USS Nimitz's flight deck, so that=20
their "manual" weighed at least 5 lbs (once you have=20
spent an hour downloading it and printing it out)! =20
They didn't help me one bit and I spent money I could=20
ill afford to spend.

Been there?  I am sure you have!

But I wasn't prepared to give up.  I knew if just=20
could get my foot in the door, I'd start earning=20
enough to develop my own business on the Internet.

When you know very little about a subject its much=20
more difficult to make a judgement about what might be=20
a good product or system and what might be a load of=20
garbage. Maybe something someone hashed together the=20
night before in order to make a quick buck online=20
conning the likes of us.  Frankly, there are so many=20
get-rich-quick scams around on the Internet that you=20
become very, very wary.

So when I saw this short ad offering an Internet=20
earn-as-you-learn system, I was pretty sceptical. =20
At first, I wasn't prepared to pour more bucks down=20
the drain.  But something about the sales letter that=20
followed the ad caught my imagination. =20

And besides, they were only asking US$20-00.  I thought=20
to myself:  If I only pick up one useful tip, $20 is=20
not much to pay!

So I purchased it.  I received an email with the URL=20
within minutes. I decided to read the manual later=20
when I had more time. =20

And if you've read my website, you already know what=20
happened. I lost the email somewhere in my system and=20
"what's outa sight is outa mind".

I forgot all about it.  I returned to my never-ending=20
quest of trying to find my Internet El Dorado.  I went=20
back to all the time-wasting surfing and searching for=20
a product which, if only I had realized at the time,=20
I had in the 'box' in front of my nose.  I still kick=20
myself for being such an idiot (first time) but I never=20
learn from my mistakes.

A few months later I accidentally (!) found the email=20
and, this time, I saved it somewhere I knew I would=20
always find it again.

But I had seen so many other useless systems and=20
programs in the meantime that preconception-itis had=20
set in.  My stupid brain told me that what I had bought,=20
lost and re-found would be just like all the other=20
useless products.  How wrong can you get!

The key to this great little money-generating system=20
sat unread for another 3 months in my computer (idiot=20
- 2nd time!).

Finally common-sense prevailed.  I thought to myself:=20
"You've paid for this system.  At least give it a try". =20
So I did. =20

And I've never looked back since!

Don't do what I did.  Don't miss out!

If I had known THEN what I know NOW I wouldn't have=20
wasted months and bucks on other programs and offers. =20
I would have been earning the kind of bucks I do now. =20
Like $7,000 - $8,000 per month.  That's only $237=20
average a day but it sure adds up quickly!  Don't be=20
an idiot like I was! =20

And don't have any preconceptions!

"Cut the history lesson, Christopher.  WHAT IS IT?"

The system's called Cookie Cutter << whoa there!=20
No preconceptions, remember >> and it comes together=20
with a product called Boot Camp.  Cookie Cutter lets=20
you earn money almost immediately  while Boot Camp=20
teaches you how to develop your own products and how=20
to market these on the Internet.

Figuratively speaking, it consists of  three elements:

* An attention-grabbing ad (a selection supplied or=20
  you can write your own)
* An order-inciting series of sales letters (again,=20
  supplied or you can write your own)
* A training program called Boot Camp

The great thing about the system is that:
1.  it lets you earn money almost immediately
2.  it gives you all the tools and tips to develop your=20
    CC business.
3.  it teaches you how to develop other products.
4.  it points you in the right direction and points=20
    others to buy from you.

In addition to what you receive from Cookie Cutter,=20
I'm offering, for a limited period only, three great=20
bonuses for FREE if you purchase Cookie Cutter now.

You get my own personal FAST START EARNER - giving you=20
Tips on how to start earning money immediately.  You'll=20
soon achieve my average of $237 every day  ... or more!

You also get an E-Publication on Unique Ways to Get=20
Free Online Advertising.

And you can download a free software program: Creating=20
Profitable Classified Ads.


Don't do what I did originally and lose all that=20
immediate income! =20

Don't miss out!



Or if you want to have another look at my web site go to:


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