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  1. UNsubscribe & Newsgroup   Yu Wai Chen
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  3. problems with DNA structures solved using CNS   Monika Ivancic
  4. Where to get X-plor   Dave J. Goodyear
  5. Thanks for the info   Dave J. Goodyear
  6. Where to get X-plor (fwd)   Dave J. Goodyear
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  12. Wilson plot??   Sunando
  13. Free Screensavers from Russia http://psy.plex.ru   Boris N.
  14. Information You requested 2JK17   Plastic Card
  15. Where to get individual AMoRe?   xiejong chu
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  21. computational crystallographer   Axel T. Brunger
  22. Xplor3.851 crashes on Compaq Alpha running Tru64   Stephen J. Everse
  23. FWD:RE: These secrets were never intended to reach your eyes...   22466196 at excite.com
  24. This really works!   Money Makers
  25. I CAN HELP !!!   b4h443 at arabia.com
  26. CNS:map ncs averaging   Hong Ling
  27. CNS:map ncs averaging   Igor Mochalkin
  28. CGI error in CNS   Che Ma
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  32. [Q] Help with obtaining/resurrecting x-plor/cns   Joe Krahn
  33. CGI error in CNS (fixed)   Che Ma
  34. Genomics Computing News Channel -- NEW and FREE   GenomeWeb News Services
  35. This Tape is Banned wrpvm   xlrxj at naseej.com
  36. this is the kind of program that I will use forever 3436   vzcgys at FBI.com
  37. copying a value into a new symbol   M Sundaramoorthy
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  40. Need Credit Repair?   Joey Wills
  41. Help with obtaining/resurrecting x-plor/cns   David Edwards
  42. hydrogens out of plane   Stefan Loverix
  43. CNS: Bug in CNS regarding B-factors?   Markus Meier
  44. Call for abstracts - 4th International Conference on Molecular St ructural Biology   Kungl, Andreas
  45. Carbohydrates   Fabio C. L. Almeida
  46. Avoiding knotting with TAD?   Brian Smith
  47. L,E.G;A=L; -C;A,B.L;E -B=O;X ;D.E,S.R-MB;LE.R, .P;LA-N;S;..,.;.-;.......,.... 8012   wsskpu at j4edsjde.org
  48. Postdoctoral Position in Protein Crystallography   rev

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