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Tue Nov 13 13:59:31 EST 2001


NEW LIST - Fashion & Beauty List (1,400 Contacts) - $149
UPDATED - Parenting and Christian Lists

Fashion & Beauty List (1,400 Contacts) - $149 - - - - NEW
Motion Picture, Film  & Video (695 Contacts)   - $99
Music Industry Media List     (1,142 Contacts) - $149
National Public Radio              (265 Contacts)   - $99
Sports Media List                     (427 Contacts)   - $99
African American Media List (1500 Contacts) - $149
Environmental Media List      (763 Contacts) - $99
Gay and Lesbian Media List    (249 Contacts)   - $99
Book Industry Media List      (502 Contacts)   - $99
Christian Media List          (310 Contacts)   - $99 - - - - JUST UPDATED
Family & Parenting Media List (789 Contacts)   - $99 - - - - JUST UPDATED

Drive Time Radio - Top 50 Markets   (300+ Contacts)   - $69
Newspapers - Top 100 Papers         (1,100+ Contacts) - $69
National Media List                 (500+ Contacts)   - $69
College Newspaper Contacts          (1,400+ Contacts) - $39

Call 888-330-4919 to place your order (24hrs). You will be able 
to download your lists WITHIN MINUTES of placing your order.

FASHION & BEAUTY LIST (1,400 Contacts) - $149
The fashion and beauty media list is never out of season. Find more than 1,400 contacts at various media outlets that cover the fashion industry. There are editors at major fashion publications including Cosmo, Elle, Glamour and InStyle. Men's fashion is also represented with contacts at Esquire, FHM, GQ. and Stuff. There are also fashion and beauty editors at the major dailies and major national magazines including Entertainment Weekly, People and US weekly. If you're in the fashion or beauty industry then look no further than this list to make you look marvelous.

Whether you are marketing a major motion picture, an independent film or a video, this list is essential to your success.  The list includes movie critics, entertainment editors and reporters at the top industry publications, major newspapers, consumer magazines and television programs. 

MUSIC INDUSTRY MEDIA LIST (1,142 Contacts) - $149
Reach reporters, critics and producers at newspapers, magazines and television shows covering every aspect of the music industry. There are also numerous contacts at internet publications that focus on music.  

Classical music, health shows, book talk, international news and political debates are just some of the programming found on public radio.  With its eclectic programming, public radio reaches a dedicated and diverse audience.  This list features program directors and producers at local public radio stations across the country.  There are also contacts at national syndicated shows including Diane Rehm and Fresh Air with Terry Gross. 

SPORTS MEDIA LIST (427 Contacts) - $99
Whether you work with athletes or work for the company that clothes them, this list is an essential part of the winning formula. It includes contacts at national sports magazines, sports networks, newspapers, as well as television and radio stations.

AFRICAN AMERICAN MEDIA LIST (1,500+ contacts) - $149
TWhether you are targeting African-American business, entertainment or news outlets, this is the most comprehensive list available.  There are contacts at national black consumer and business publications, regional newspapers and television stations.  If you want to reach the African-American population, this list is vital to your success.

ENVIRONMENTAL MEDIA LIST (763 contacts) - $99
The environment is one of the major concerns facing the world today.  Business, government and concerned citizens help shape environmental policy.  You will be reach numerous environmental editors, writers and reporters at major newspapers, national magazines, environmental publications, and television networks.

GAY AND LESBIAN MEDIA LIST (249 Contacts) - $99
The publications covering the gay and lesbian community are increasing and expanding.  Reach media contacts at national gay and lesbian publications including, The Advocate, Planet Out and Out.  There are also local publications including the Houston Voice, San Francisco Frontiers and Seattle Gay News. 

This powerful list of over 500 contacts includes book reviewers from major newspapers, consumer magazines, trade publications and producers from shows that schedule authors, including Good Morning America, 20/20 and Nightline. This list is a must for anyone associated with books and publishing.

CHRISTIAN MEDIA LIST (310 Contacts) - $99
Christian media cover a multitude of topics, including parenting, morality and politics. Reach the top contacts at the largest Christian broadcasting outlets, religion editors and reporters at the top dailies and newsweeklies as well as editors at the top Christian publications.

FAMILY & PARENTING MEDIA LIST (789 Contacts) - $99
Whether you have a product for children or advice for parents, this list reaches the media that cover child and parenting issues. This list includes contacts at the major dailies, newsweeklies and parenting segment producers at the major broadcast networks.

DRIVE TIME RADIO (300+ Contacts) -$69
Book an interview with radio stations in the top 50 markets. Reach millions of people during drive-time shows at top stations.  

TOP 100 NEWSPAPERS (1,100+ Contacts) -$69
Pitch story ideas to editors and reporters at the top 100 newspapers. 

NATIONAL MEDIA LIST (500+ Contacts) - $69
Go national, possibly global with your product, service, or idea. It includes national business, consumer, and entertainment magazine contacts, syndicated talk shows, Newswire contacts, network news, cable news and entertainment programs.

COLLEGE NEWSPAPER LIST (1,400+ Contacts) - $39
Reach Generation X through over 1,400 college newspapers. Don't overlook this lucrative market.
All of our lists (except College Newspaper List) include the contact's name, company, position, address, phone, fax and email address (when available). You can receive your lists in Excel, MSWord or both formats at no additional cost. 

OUR GUARANTEE: We will refund postage (up to 34 cents per item) for any undeliverable addresses over 10% of the total list. We will also correct the undeliverable contacts and issue you an updated list.

UPDATES: We provide quarterly updates AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for one year.

Call 888-330-4919 to place your order (24hrs). You will be able 
to download your lists WITHIN MINUTES of placing your order.

**Consultants and others who interact regularly with clients who could benefit from these list can receive a bi-weekly commission from sales they refer to us.**

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