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Emergency - Income Sources Droppin Like Fly`s

Laurence Smith lbs13 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 27 00:26:56 EST 2002


This is the most important message you will ever receive. It single handedly has the power to make your life or break your life. If you don't read this from here to the end, and take 5 minutes of action, you are saying to me now, "I AM A FAILURE!" 

Something very powerful has just happened, and you will either be left in the dust or you will profit insanely from it. If you miss it, expect your other revenue streams to begin dropping off as well as a significant Online Marketing Revenue is funneled through once central source! 

There is a new standard in Online Marketing, and everyone who makes adifference in this business is following it. This is not an idea in the making, the people who make a difference in this industry have already agreed and are taking Massive and Immediate Action NOW! 

9 out of the 15 Top Marketers on the Internet have already jumped on board, and their followings are coming along as well. 

This is moving fast, VERY FAST, and since you can join the powerline for FREE I recommend that you get involved this very second because by the time you are done reading this email several people could have already joined that would have went below you: 


It just so happens that a system has been developed that take the guess work out of profiting online, and guarantees that if followed closely will earn substantial profits 100% of the time. 

The reason this is so important for you my friend, is that you have the choice right now to position yourself as a follower or a leader. 

This business is no different in many ways than the ISP business, or the Grocery business, or any other type of business. In the early days, which we are in, of any business, every Tom, Dick and Harry races to be the biggest and the best in the industry. Until, just a handful of leaders emerge, and take over with mighty force! 

Well my friend, that is what has happened behind the scenes while we have all been searching for the next good ezine to advertise the latest Opportunity that earned us a few hundred dollars with our last ad. 

With this new system, those Opportunities that ALL serious Marketers should be a part of, and that ALL serious Marketers WILL be a part of, are combined into one. 

With this new system, these "Leaders" are set up and ready to launch for YOU and YOUR Downline, and there is NO NEED to mess with each one individually any more. 

Best of all, trying it out is FREE! 

Listen, if you miss this, you will be behind the curve again and you will regret it. Please believe me. You should be a part of this, and you should be sending this message to all your contacts, your entire downline and everyone you care about.
Doing so will earn you a minimum of $25 to $100 for each one 
who listens to your advice, and VASTLY more from their contacts as well. 

More details are available from here - but don't hesitate, Get In NOW and be Ahead of the Curve this time. This is really it, this Opportunity will be stealing your downline away from every other Opportunity and those people will be joining under
someone else who is 

part of this Opportunity, unless YOU GET IN NOW! 




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