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AN OPPORTUNIST pinnacleperformance at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 5 09:13:18 EST 2002



I don't want to waste your time so I will get 
straight to the point. 

I have just been approached by an old friend 
of mine who has been a big-time marketer of 
household products in major magazines for 
years. To say the least, the guy is well off. 
In fact, he has mostly retired at the age 
of 38. At any rate, he called to tell me about 
a new company headed up by some friends of his , 
and I could make a lot of money if I got involved. 
He said the upside is just to great to pass up, so 
he was going for it. Personally that is all it 
took for me to decide because if he was interested 
with all his money, it has to be incredible. 

Now I don't have the huge number of contact he does, 
so I'm contacting everyone and anyone to tell them 
about this opportunity. I can tell 
you currently there are only a select few that 
have even heard about this huge upstart. Meaning, 
you will not find any information about this 
company on the web, YET! 

I have been introduced to the owners of the company 
and they are a multi-million dollar company that 
will be launching in the very near future. The main 
method of advertising will be using radio and tv ads 
to mass-market the products, and they are projecting 
over 100 million in sales this year alone. 

My job right now is to contact as many people as 
possible to get top positioning. 

If you are SERIOUS and willing to invest in your 
future. Now is the time! I feel very confident I 
have found the right company and the right business 
model for long-term monthly income. 

Please give me a call at 1-214-821-3331 between 8am-12pm CST. 
or simply reply to this e-mail at pinnacleperformance at hotmail.com 

Yours for Success, 

Wayne Stewart 

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