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Downline Management auto reply dlm at usana.com
Mon Apr 26 14:11:20 EST 2004

This is an auto-reply to your message sent
to dlm at usana.com.

Your message is being looked at by a member of the Downline Management support and development team, they will get back to you as soon as possible. 

In some cases when there is a system wide problem we will not answer e-mail individually but will post a system news message to: http://dlm.usana.com/news.html
please check this news page for information about system wide problems and info. Other more specific e-mail will be answered, on a case by case basis.

To help us help you solve your problem please be specific. Include error messages, URL's and any other info that may help us solve your problem.

To gain access to DLM all you need is the following: 
  1. A valid USANA distributorship and ID #
  2. An 8 digit internet password 
  3. The DLM item added to your Autoship

To obtain an 8 digit password please call distributor services.
In the US, Canada and Caribean 1-888-950-9595
In Australia                   1800-670-126
In New Zealand                 0800-370-126
In The UK                      001-801-954-7171
and request an internet password, your password will be sent to you via mail. 

Caution please do not give this password to anyone.

Once you have obtained a password proceed to the L O G I N screen http://dlm.usana.com/web2/owa/dlm_admin.loginscreen and enter your distributor ID in the form of (DistributorID.BusinessCenterNumber) and then your password.

Thank you

Downline Management Support
 and Development Team
dlm at usana.com

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